Lord Huron – The Stranger

ImageI have tried to keep this band a secret for many months now, but their music is not something to be selfish with.  Lord Huron, a California based band, originally from Michigan (note the Lake Huron reference), is lead by front man Ben Schneider who originally started this band as a side project. Now with a full-fledged five-piece ensemble, Lord Huron is taking the Indie scene by storm with their latest LP “Lonesome Dreams”.

744241063-1“The Stranger” was the very first song I heard from Lord Huron and though its original release was from their EP “Mighty”, “The Stranger” hits every stride musically and emotionally. Musically with its ambient, Caribbean-esk alternative rock style that I have never heard before, and emotionally…well, listen to the first few seconds and tell me what you think.

Given the privilege to meet the boys back in October, I can tell they truly believe in their music.  They will be playing on September 11th at Echo Beach with Alt-J and you can expect that yours truly will be their front and centre. It’s time for Lord Huron to get the recognition they deserve; not too happy about it, but I guess it’s inevitable.



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