Golden Youth – We Are Alive

Finding new music is always a win, but finding new music that reminds you of other sounds you already love isn’t too bad either.

I’ve never heard of California based band Golden Youth till this morning (thanks to @kristine8D). With their single “We Are Alive”, I couldn’t help but compare their music to the sounds of Jónsi (lead singer of Icelandic band Sigur Ros) and is his solo projects. Don’t get me wrong, being compared to Jónsi is already a feat in and of itself , but with its pounding drum beats, echoing melody and springy keys in “We Are Alive”, you can definitely hear the influential sounds of Jónsi in Golden Youth‘s music.

Golden Youth 3

I for one am pro…well…I don’t even know which genre to classify this music too.  Oh well, let’s just called it genre “awesome”

Make sure to grab Golden Youth‘s debut album Quiet Frame; Golden Light out May 28th



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