Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

When Coldplay released their album Viva La Vida in 2008, their first track “Life in Technicolor” featured a unconventional, yet beautiful instrumental in the beginning 30 seconds.  I was convinced that Coldplay outdid themselves again, reinventing their sound for another album.  To my surprise, that instrumental was performed by an artist named Jon Hopkins who helped co-produce Viva la Vida with guru-producer Brian Eno.

hopkins, jon 001

Now with his fourth studio album entitled “Immunity”, set to release on May 28th, Jon has yet again put together an array of bass infused, strobe setting, ambient sounds that make his music so unique.  This his first single “Open Eye Signal”…

I have yet to listen to all of Immnuty, though I am sure to post another one of Jon’s classic very soon. (Fingers crossed for him to work with Coldplay again)



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