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The Mowgli’s – Hi, Hey There, Hello


Everyone needs that someone that goes out of their way to anchor you in the right direction. It may take months, years, or even a lifetime to find them, but when you do, you learn never to let them go. Fortunately for me, I found that someone who tries their hardest to make me happy, even though I don’t deserve a smidgen of it.

She’s the one whose afraid of the dark but walks through it for you, learns the players of your favourite sports team, learns the bands of your favourite music, learns the movies of your favourite genre, the one who puts up with your craziness every single day.

Search hard and you’ll settle, hardly search and you’ll miss the chance, but when you let it happen, everything will fall into place.

PS. If you haven’t already guess, she’s the one who recommended me this song =)

For Fans Of: Oh Hellos, Tegan & Sarah, Of Monsters and Men



Bastille – Pompeli


London England, without a doubt, produces the best bands of Rock & Roll. From Mumford and Sons to Coldplay, from Florence and the Machine to The Kinks, and don’t think I forgot about Zeppelin to Queen. Now with bands such Bastille finding their footing in the London music scene, England is still top ranks when it comes to rocking out.

Bastille still have plenty of ground to cover before they even come close to their predecessors, but their from London, so I’m already sold.

For Fans of: Mumford and Sons, Alt J, The Kooks

#NewMusicForTheWin #Bastille

Ps: his name is George…..seriously?

Kings Of Leon – SuperSoaker


It’s been four long years since Kings of Leon has released any new material, and for good measure. In my opinion, their latest album Come Around Sundown (which was released two years after their critically acclaimed album Only By The Night), seemed a bit rushed, misguided and confusing at times. Because of the success garnered from Only By The Night, fans were treated with what I call the “Florence & the Machine Syndrome”, where the album predecessor was much better then the latter. Lucky for us, “SuperSoaker” sounds much like their earlier work prior to Only By The Night.

I’m extremely excited that Kings of Leon are back, not only because of their hard Blue Grass music, but because these boys are talented, very talented.  Here’s to hoping their success doesn’t shadow their music. 

For Fans of: Foo Fighters, The Raconteurs, Monster Truck


PS: Kings of Leon –  Mechanical Bull  out September 24th

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You (Live)

Alicia Keys Plays Auckland

Trust me, if you haven’t heard the live version of “If I Ain’t Got You”, this will be a brand new experience. It’s not only Alicia Keys’ stage presents and magnificent voice, in fact, it’s everything around her. The orchestra, the drums, the back up singers, the composition, the added epicness, watch and be amazed….again.

If you see me rocking out in the car, head banging, flaring arms, and singing at the top of my lungs, it’s most likely because of this performance. Rock on Alicia Keys, Rock on.

For Fans of: Alicia Keys (duh), Adele, Aretha Franklin


Anna Kendrick – When I’m Gone (Cup Song)


C’mon…she’s using her hands and a single cup to produce a beat! That’s incredible! Not to mention how catchy the chorus is, and who knew that Anna Kendrick could sing so well.

I confess, I’ve never watched Pitch Perfect, nor am I very interested too, but the creativity and the rhythm of the cup drumming definitely impressed me. Now excuse me while I try to learn the routine.

For Fans of: She & Him, Tegan & Sarah, Sara Bareilles


Ps. This is a clip of her doing it live on Letterman.

Karma Kid – In My Arms


So i’m kind of on this electronic binge, but i’m not talking about “UNS UNS UNS” fist pumping cray, I’m talking about groovy synths, heavy sampling, feel good ambient music. Karma Kid is a perfect example of how I look at electronic music. “In My Arms” has such a simple beat to it, but the sounds and samples he arranges around the beat is magical. Take a Listen…

People get the wrong impression that DJ’s are not musicians, but music is defined by combination of sounds. Karma Kid sure as hell knows how to combine sounds better then some musicians.

For Fans Of: T.E.E.D, Lone, Kid MK


Mikhael Paskalev – I Spy


I’ve been looking everywhere for this kind of sound; one that puts joy back into music, makes you move and dance unknowingly yet still feels intimate.  I’ve been looking feverishly for a sound that mimics the artists surrounding environments.  Mikhael Paskalev, a Norwegian singer of Belgian origin, integrates his background into his music with a swinging bluegrass feel.

Here are two reason why you should watch this video:

1) The song “I Spy” is fantastic

2) The video is even better

For Fans Of: Matt Costa, Bahamas, Lord Huron


Hundred Waters – Caverns


I love how the shuffle function on my Ipod still find ways to surprise me. With no new music to look forward too and nothing I want to re-encounter, my last case scenario (and sometimes best case) is to jump on the shuffle train. This is what I found…

Shimmering water effects, reverberated vocals and echoes, a catchy synth line and out of the blue heavy drum beat; its hard to even categorize this genre.  Can’t wait to find out more about Hundred Waters.

For fans of: The Weekend, The XX, SBTRKT



Yup, it’s Monday and everyone needs a pick-me-upper (I forgot my 3-in-1 coffee this morning too :/). So here’s some new music from band of two brothers called Pacific Air

These two brothers (Ryan & Taylor Lawson) recently dropped their debut album Stop Talking on May 14th and it has garnered many praise for their danceable, ambient and innovative music. Move was the first single I listened too, which gave me incentive to discover more of Pacific Air. If you decide to listen to Stop Talking, I recommend Sunshine & So Strange.

Happy Monday =)

*For Fans Of – Tegan & Sara, Empire of the Sun, Foster the People


Franz Ferdinand – Right Action


They might not be the prettiest band in the bunch, but they sure as hell know how to make people dance. The boys of Franz Ferdinand are back with their new single Right Action” of their fourth studio album entitled Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. 

Right off the bat we get that familiar gut wrenching guitar, mixed with the groovy bass-line and that oh so suave voice of Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand always gives me an excuse to dance like I’m a 70’s baby. *Swipes two fingers across the eyes*


Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action set to release on August 27th.