Kings Of Leon – SuperSoaker


It’s been four long years since Kings of Leon has released any new material, and for good measure. In my opinion, their latest album Come Around Sundown (which was released two years after their critically acclaimed album Only By The Night), seemed a bit rushed, misguided and confusing at times. Because of the success garnered from Only By The Night, fans were treated with what I call the “Florence & the Machine Syndrome”, where the album predecessor was much better then the latter. Lucky for us, “SuperSoaker” sounds much like their earlier work prior to Only By The Night.

I’m extremely excited that Kings of Leon are back, not only because of their hard Blue Grass music, but because these boys are talented, very talented.  Here’s to hoping their success doesn’t shadow their music. 

For Fans of: Foo Fighters, The Raconteurs, Monster Truck


PS: Kings of Leon –  Mechanical Bull  out September 24th


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