HIGHS – Summer Dress


Come on guys, it’s time to admit it, summer is no longer with us and we must prepare for Winter (enter Game of Thrones Quote). Those warm summer nights will here by turn into cold winter frostbites. I for one am a huge fan of the winter festivities: snow ball fights, building snowmen with obscene genitals, tobogganing and oh those large Michelin jackets; but seeing my girlfriend in that flow-ey flower Summer Dress is enough for me to miss Jaugust (Cross between July & August).

Toronto based band HIGHS lets me relive those moments of warmth, colour and allergies in Summer Dress. The a-cepella breakdown between Doug Haynes and Karrier Douglas is a beautiful exchange of harmony and musicianship. Still awating news about a full length LP, lets just hope I don’t have to wait until next summer!

For Fans of: Ra Ra Riot, Rah Rah, Lord Huron

PS. You can check out HIGHS EP here: http://highsmusic.bandcamp.com



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