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Allie – Rlctnt Hstlr


I’m not a composer, nor a beat maker, i’ve dabbled on making a few originals but nothing of relevance…but man do I wish I could make a beat like this. From Producer 2nd Son and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Allie, comes one of the most original sounds that has come out of Toronto. A combination of Reggae, Jazz, and even Amazonian, (Raggazzonian – yup that just happened, thank me later 2nd Son), Allie and 2nd Son fuse together super rich vocals, illusive guitar riffs and a boat load of reverb throughout their first EP entitled Strange Creature. 

2nd Son was kind enough to show me first hand his work and composition of “Rlctnt Hstlr”. His arrangements, ideas and constant musical train of thought is not only impeccable (boarder line obsessive) but inspiring as well. This duo of of Allie & 2nd Son is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For Fans Of: Santigold, M.I.A, Yeasaye



Imagine Dragon – Who We Are (Catching Fire OST)


Motion Picture Soundtracks are usually hit or miss for me. Hit being one or two songs you dislike, and miss being one or two songs you actually like; neither of which have original music. Then there are times you come across a soundtrack like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire where you have an arsenal of bands/artist(s) that are asked to write original music for the film. ColdplayOf Monsters And Men, Ellie Golding, Lorde, Santigold, The National, don’t judge me for drooling over this list of all-stars.

Every song off the soundtrack is a hit, but Imagine Dragons’ “Who We Are” was the one that best illustrated the film. Powerful, catchy, kind of creepy and a fantastic chorus gets you excited for the film, which is why it deserves the credit. Here’s to another A-List of bands for MockingJay Part 1 & 2.

For Fans OF: The Hunger Games, Awolnation, The Killers


Yes We Mystic – Odessa Steps


Anticipation is a wonderful thing don’t you think? Anticipating the climactic ending of a film, anticipating your favourite artist play your favourite song, or anticipating your phone to ring hoping he/she is thinking of you. “The anticipation is killing me”, some would say; and while listening to “Odessa Step” by Winnipeg based band Yes We Mystic, every progression, every change of chords, ever verse/breakdown/chorus, I was mystified and I my anticipation for the final chorus was higher then ever.

Truth be told, the harmonies at the end was what got me hooked, but everything in between was just as beautiful. Check out Yes We Mystic here. Anticipating great things from this band.

For Fans Of: Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters And Men, Noah and the Whale

Ps: Thank you Victoria for the suggestion. It’s great to have you sharing music with me this time around =)


The Royal Concept – Shut The World


To often do I notice the negativity in people now a days. No longer is it common for someone to show simple gratitude or politeness to one another, and when it does ensue, we tend to gawk in awkwardness. I wish it was the other way around. I wish it was the norm for everyone to show common courtesy to one another because who knows. Who knows what that the girl you just brushed off rudely is going through, who knows what that man you are ignoring is going through, who knows what that women you just cut off is going through.

(Play from 1:14 mark for beginning of song)

This may just sound like a rant to the human race, but let’s face it, we can all be a little bit better. The boys from The Royal Concept explains it on Shut The World: “Where gonna live and die young!” The world was not meant for us to mistreat it, it was meant for us to cherish it, and it starts with each other.

For fans of: One Republic, Phoenix, The Fray

Ps: My apologies for the video quality, there was no actual audio for the song. Check out The Royal Concept for all their music, it’s worth it I promise!


The Almighty Rhombus – Down South


It should come to no surprise on how much I love Canadian music. It’s just happier, smarter, catchier, and you can tell it comes from the heart; I swear; they should hire me as and advocate for Canadian Music. Either way, my love for CM (yup, just made and acronym for it) runs deep, and usually I don’t have to look very far to find great CM to share. But those times when the music finds me, its an even better feeling.

The boys from The Almighty Rhombus recently released their full-length LP Lucid Living, and their first track “Down South” instantly got me hooked. A short track comprised of three to four chord progressions, double time hi-hat and “oh’s” in the chorus; recipe for disaster right? I thought so too, but after listening to “Down South”, I was intrigued to listen to the rest of the album; glad I did.

For fans of: Tokyo Police Club, Matt & Kim, Said The Whale

PS: The video is an acoustic version of the song, couldn’t find the original audio, though I thought this did justice.


The Zolas – Knot In My Heart


A little funky, a little creepy and a lot of awesome. That is how I would describe Knot In My Heart by The Zolas. After hitting a little dry spot trying to find new music to share, the team from Indie88 pulls through and introduces me to this Vancouver based duo of Zachary Gray and Tom Dobrzanski.

It never ceases to amaze me how talented Canadian artist are. Anything home grown is good enough for me.

For Fans Of: Hollerado, Ok Go, Kaiser Chiefs