Yes We Mystic – Odessa Steps


Anticipation is a wonderful thing don’t you think? Anticipating the climactic ending of a film, anticipating your favourite artist play your favourite song, or anticipating your phone to ring hoping he/she is thinking of you. “The anticipation is killing me”, some would say; and while listening to “Odessa Step” by Winnipeg based band Yes We Mystic, every progression, every change of chords, ever verse/breakdown/chorus, I was mystified and I my anticipation for the final chorus was higher then ever.

Truth be told, the harmonies at the end was what got me hooked, but everything in between was just as beautiful. Check out Yes We Mystic here. Anticipating great things from this band.

For Fans Of: Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters And Men, Noah and the Whale

Ps: Thank you Victoria for the suggestion. It’s great to have you sharing music with me this time around =)



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