Matt Pond – Specks

Matt Pond

I admit, it’s been a while since I posted a song I wanted to share with you. It’s not that I haven’t found any New Music For The Win, it’s just that a little me time goes a long way for a persons’ morale. Better yet, I wanted to be selfish and keep all this great music to myself =). I lie, I missed this, I missed you and it’s comforting to know that New Music is still inspiring as ever. Not to mention that old music you have yet to hear is still New Music For The Win. (How about that for a re-introduction!)

I’ve had Matt Pond‘s single Specks on repeat for quite some time now. I have learned it on guitar and even tried to sing it myself, but trying to recreate Matt Pond‘s uncanny soulful singing is nearly impossible. To have a voice like that sing an upbeat song like Specks, underneath a two chord progression is simply comforting.

(live acoustic version)

“Or when the cardinal chides the moon”, listen to the way he dances with the words, how Matt plays with the pitch, pretty inspiring stuff.

For Fans Of: Ray LaMontagne, Matt Costa, Jack Johnson

Ps. It’s great to be back, please feel free to share new music with me and thanks for all the emails, greatly appreciated =).



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