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Slipknot Top 10 – #10 “Spit It Out”

knot spit it out

“Spit It Out” off their debut album may not be worthy of a top 10 position on its own, therefore I am referring strictly to their live performance of this song. Each time I have attended a Slipknot show, the Knot reserve “Spit It Out” for something they call the No Bullsh*t, or what I’d like to call a glorified audience participation of                       DESTRUCTION.

If you’re not a fan of rap and metal, which I agree is an odd combination, you can skip to the 5:00 mark of the video to witness the phenomenon. Front man Corey Taylor, also known as #8, advises the audience to get down on one knee during the guitar breakdown. Just think about it! Tens of thousands of ruckus metal heads crouching down to their knees, just waiting for their chance to erupt. Corey toys with the crowd and “Not until I say Jump the F*ck Up” were they allowed to go crazy; and crazy they went…trust me, I was there.

I’ve been through and seen some crazy shows before, but to be a part of this crowd, to witness what happens during “Spit It Out”, nothing comes remotely close to being as crazy. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it…*shivers*…ok, on to the next one.

# 9


Slipknot – Top 10 Songs by NMFTW


The first time I watched Slipknot destroy a stage, I was a thirteen year old prepubescent boy, a mere teenager wanting nothing more but to witness the brutality that is Slipknot. The masks, the convulsions of anger, head banging, greasy long hair, pyrotechnics, moshpits, I wanted it all. Yet I was too young to go alone, none of my friends understood my affection for the knot, and I didn’t want to put my parents through 2 hours of hell (I was already a 24 hour nuisance). Therefore, my sister’s, now ex-boyfriend was kind enough to conjure up the courage to bring this rambunctious bundle of joy to a Slipknot show on his own…what people do for love. Now strength or intimidation wasn’t the issue here. The ex was at least 6’4, 250Ibs African Canadian basketball player, along side a 5’4, 180Ibs asian kid waiting in line for a heavy metal show; talk about out of place.

slipknot Stage

Finally walking through the doors of Ricoh Coliseum, chest pounding and excitement over whelming; I see the all so familiar “S” of the Slipknot symbol protruding from every corner of the stage. Lights Dim, screeching guitars blare and fans go freaking ballistic; which is when it hits me…Shits. About. To. Go. Down. The opening track destroys my entirety before I could even regain my balance; same goes for my trustee. Bodies are flying, spit, sweat and blood are intertwining and i’d like to point out that a boot hit me square in the face…needless to say, it was one of the best moments of my life.

Gray Chapter

In preparation for Slipknot‘s fifth studio album entitled .5: The Gray Chapter, I’ve decided to share my take on Slipknot‘s top 10 songs of all time. Again, this is just my opinion, my thoughts and my favourites; picking just 10 was near impossible. I’ll go through one by one periodically, explaining why I think it fits to the standing, I would love to know your opinion and share the experience with my fellow “Maggots”. Knot on my friends, knot on…

# 10