Slipknot – Top 10 Songs by NMFTW


The first time I watched Slipknot destroy a stage, I was a thirteen year old prepubescent boy, a mere teenager wanting nothing more but to witness the brutality that is Slipknot. The masks, the convulsions of anger, head banging, greasy long hair, pyrotechnics, moshpits, I wanted it all. Yet I was too young to go alone, none of my friends understood my affection for the knot, and I didn’t want to put my parents through 2 hours of hell (I was already a 24 hour nuisance). Therefore, my sister’s, now ex-boyfriend was kind enough to conjure up the courage to bring this rambunctious bundle of joy to a Slipknot show on his own…what people do for love. Now strength or intimidation wasn’t the issue here. The ex was at least 6’4, 250Ibs African Canadian basketball player, along side a 5’4, 180Ibs asian kid waiting in line for a heavy metal show; talk about out of place.

slipknot Stage

Finally walking through the doors of Ricoh Coliseum, chest pounding and excitement over whelming; I see the all so familiar “S” of the Slipknot symbol protruding from every corner of the stage. Lights Dim, screeching guitars blare and fans go freaking ballistic; which is when it hits me…Shits. About. To. Go. Down. The opening track destroys my entirety before I could even regain my balance; same goes for my trustee. Bodies are flying, spit, sweat and blood are intertwining and i’d like to point out that a boot hit me square in the face…needless to say, it was one of the best moments of my life.

Gray Chapter

In preparation for Slipknot‘s fifth studio album entitled .5: The Gray Chapter, I’ve decided to share my take on Slipknot‘s top 10 songs of all time. Again, this is just my opinion, my thoughts and my favourites; picking just 10 was near impossible. I’ll go through one by one periodically, explaining why I think it fits to the standing, I would love to know your opinion and share the experience with my fellow “Maggots”. Knot on my friends, knot on…

# 10


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