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Arkells – Never Thought That This Would Happen


For the time being, graduating hasn’t hit me yet. I know this is a start of a new life, a new journey, and where ever I go, it’ll just be the beginning, but the boys from the Arkells said it best: “I Never Thought That This Would Happen“. When ever I speak about school, and about finishing my last exam ever *mind blown*, I always preach patience and if I gained anything from graduating, i’ve learnt that patience…well, it goes without saying.


The boys from the Arkells were kind enough to send me a link to their new song “Never Thought That This Would Happen“, right in the midst of my final exam. First off, I LOVE THE ARKELLS, secondly, there is no better way to describe how I feel while I count down my last few hours of education. “Never Thought That This Would Happen” was inspired by a summer festival in rural Ontario called Hillside, where they continue to say “beneath the moonlight, there’s drinking, dancing, and campfire sing-a-longs. This song takes place after all of that, sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning”. Well I can’t say there was much partying or drinking on my part, but the message still stands, after all the dust has cleared, man I never thought that this would happen.

So this is my chance to say thank you to all those people who’ve stuck by me, who reassured me that this is the right decision, and believed that I could do it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and I promise you I won’t disappoint.

For fans of: Tokyo Police Club, Sam Roberts Band, Yukon Blonde

PS. Thank you Arkells for sending me this tune, and for everyone who is sending me their music, thank you and keep sending =)



Golden Youth – We Are Alive

Finding new music is always a win, but finding new music that reminds you of other sounds you already love isn’t too bad either.

I’ve never heard of California based band Golden Youth till this morning (thanks to @kristine8D). With their single “We Are Alive”, I couldn’t help but compare their music to the sounds of Jónsi (lead singer of Icelandic band Sigur Ros) and is his solo projects. Don’t get me wrong, being compared to Jónsi is already a feat in and of itself , but with its pounding drum beats, echoing melody and springy keys in “We Are Alive”, you can definitely hear the influential sounds of Jónsi in Golden Youth‘s music.

Golden Youth 3

I for one am pro…well…I don’t even know which genre to classify this music too.  Oh well, let’s just called it genre “awesome”

Make sure to grab Golden Youth‘s debut album Quiet Frame; Golden Light out May 28th