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Arcade Fire – It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

arcade-fire-reflektor-cover-500x500 (1)

Whenever I give advice, I always tell the recipient to try, to always give it a go, other wise you’ll never know unless you try. Arcade Fire is a band that exemplifies fearlessness, a band willing to try anything regardless of the outcome. Fresh off their Grammy winning album The SuburbsArcade Fire began writing for Reflektor back in 2011. With James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), and long time producer Mark Davus (Coldplay, Mumford & Sons) at the forefront, you could tell Reflektor was going to be something special from the start.

“It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)” is a (dare I say), cross between David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Not to say that Arcade Fire‘s sound is even penetrable to these legends, but with that being said, this Montréal based seven piece band is definitely trying new things, branching out of their comfort zone and getting recognized for doing so. Don’t be surprised to see Arcade Fire back in the talks for another album of the year. 

For Fans Of:  David Bowie, Brian Eno, U2

PS: My apologies for the quality of video, I was unable to find a decent audio of the song. Either way, get your hands on a copy of Reflektor asap!



Body Language – Well Absolutely


Have you ever watched that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall injures himself via dancing in his office? Well, I don’t want to go as far as getting “Dancers Hip”, but while listening to Well Absolutely by Brooklyn based band Body Language (that’s a lot of B’s), I just want to get up and dance!

The brightness of the xylophone, the synths and the keys, matching note for note with leading lady Angelica Bess on the vocals, Well Absolutely gives me every reason to move those hips in my office chair; and you can stream the whole album here:

For fans of: Lucius, She & Him, People Get Ready


PS. Body language new album Grammar will be out September 10th

Pps. Their influence via facebook page says: “Eggs, Over easy”. =) What a winner!

Karma Kid – In My Arms


So i’m kind of on this electronic binge, but i’m not talking about “UNS UNS UNS” fist pumping cray, I’m talking about groovy synths, heavy sampling, feel good ambient music. Karma Kid is a perfect example of how I look at electronic music. “In My Arms” has such a simple beat to it, but the sounds and samples he arranges around the beat is magical. Take a Listen…

People get the wrong impression that DJ’s are not musicians, but music is defined by combination of sounds. Karma Kid sure as hell knows how to combine sounds better then some musicians.

For Fans Of: T.E.E.D, Lone, Kid MK



Yup, it’s Monday and everyone needs a pick-me-upper (I forgot my 3-in-1 coffee this morning too :/). So here’s some new music from band of two brothers called Pacific Air

These two brothers (Ryan & Taylor Lawson) recently dropped their debut album Stop Talking on May 14th and it has garnered many praise for their danceable, ambient and innovative music. Move was the first single I listened too, which gave me incentive to discover more of Pacific Air. If you decide to listen to Stop Talking, I recommend Sunshine & So Strange.

Happy Monday =)

*For Fans Of – Tegan & Sara, Empire of the Sun, Foster the People