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Coldplay – Midnight

Coldplay 2014

It’s been a long time coming since Coldplay has released a song of their own, granted there was a teaser of new material via “Catching Fire OST”, but like any and all Coldplay fanatics, one would hope for news of new material of original Coldplay. The boys announced yesterday  that “something new at 0:00 Ulaanbaatar #midnight PH” on their Facebook page, meaning an exclusive premier of their new video/song for the country of Germany. With eerie images of forest, foxes, and familiar faces; all in black and white photo negatives, you can just imagine ones imagination would go haywire. So without further ado, here is the new song from one of my all time favourites:

To say that “Midnight” is different would be an understatement, though Coldplay has hardly shy’d away from being a little different, quirky, and flat out weird. They’re a band of few words, hardly in the spotlight for the wrong reason, and they let their music speak for itself. Coldplay is a mystery to many, and though their popularity and fandom are easy targets for the public to brand them as sellouts, Coldplay merely shrugs it off to play the music they love, fandom or not. I hope you enjoy “Midnight” as much as I did, here’s to new Coldplay in 2014.

For Fans of: Muse, Bon Iver, Keane, U2



Body Language – Well Absolutely


Have you ever watched that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall injures himself via dancing in his office? Well, I don’t want to go as far as getting “Dancers Hip”, but while listening to Well Absolutely by Brooklyn based band Body Language (that’s a lot of B’s), I just want to get up and dance!

The brightness of the xylophone, the synths and the keys, matching note for note with leading lady Angelica Bess on the vocals, Well Absolutely gives me every reason to move those hips in my office chair; and you can stream the whole album here:

For fans of: Lucius, She & Him, People Get Ready


PS. Body language new album Grammar will be out September 10th

Pps. Their influence via facebook page says: “Eggs, Over easy”. =) What a winner!

Karma Kid – In My Arms


So i’m kind of on this electronic binge, but i’m not talking about “UNS UNS UNS” fist pumping cray, I’m talking about groovy synths, heavy sampling, feel good ambient music. Karma Kid is a perfect example of how I look at electronic music. “In My Arms” has such a simple beat to it, but the sounds and samples he arranges around the beat is magical. Take a Listen…

People get the wrong impression that DJ’s are not musicians, but music is defined by combination of sounds. Karma Kid sure as hell knows how to combine sounds better then some musicians.

For Fans Of: T.E.E.D, Lone, Kid MK


Hundred Waters – Caverns


I love how the shuffle function on my Ipod still find ways to surprise me. With no new music to look forward too and nothing I want to re-encounter, my last case scenario (and sometimes best case) is to jump on the shuffle train. This is what I found…

Shimmering water effects, reverberated vocals and echoes, a catchy synth line and out of the blue heavy drum beat; its hard to even categorize this genre.  Can’t wait to find out more about Hundred Waters.

For fans of: The Weekend, The XX, SBTRKT


Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

When Coldplay released their album Viva La Vida in 2008, their first track “Life in Technicolor” featured a unconventional, yet beautiful instrumental in the beginning 30 seconds.  I was convinced that Coldplay outdid themselves again, reinventing their sound for another album.  To my surprise, that instrumental was performed by an artist named Jon Hopkins who helped co-produce Viva la Vida with guru-producer Brian Eno.

hopkins, jon 001

Now with his fourth studio album entitled “Immunity”, set to release on May 28th, Jon has yet again put together an array of bass infused, strobe setting, ambient sounds that make his music so unique.  This his first single “Open Eye Signal”…

I have yet to listen to all of Immnuty, though I am sure to post another one of Jon’s classic very soon. (Fingers crossed for him to work with Coldplay again)