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The Lumineers – Ophelia


You remember these guys right? They took the music world by storm with their non-stop touring, constant use of trailer music and their number one hit “Ho Hey“. Well this folk based band from Colorado is back and it didn’t take long for their fans to fall in love with them again.

Ophelia” is the bands first single off their upcoming album Cleopatra (set to release on April 8th). The song begins with a soft crescendo of claps and rim shots before lead singer Wesley Schultz swoops in with his monotone raspy voice and booming piano chords. The most charming part about Ophelia is its simplicity, much like Ho Hey, where The Lumineers never overwhelm their listener with massive production or over analytical lyrics. Piano fills that play along with the lyrics and the adjoining bass guitar near the end exemplifies the song’s allusive charm.

“Ophelia fills the audience ears with soul and their hearts with love, giving them more reason to be excited for their upcoming album Cleopatra. I for one am going to learn this song on the piano, expect a plethora of covers =).

Similar artist: Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharp & The Magentic Zeros, The Strumbellas.



Lord Huron – The Night We Met

The Night We Met

Lord Huron‘s music is very dear to my heart, I’ve listened to them during the best of times, and definitely during the worst, never the less they’ve been there when I needed them the most. After stumbling upon their music on NoiseTrade back in 2012, I thought they were the best kept secret, and I was the only one in on it, which was true…for about a month. I witnessed their popularity grow substantially, but with a grain of salt. As a fan, I’m glad people have joined in and immersed themselves in the dream like spaghetti western sounds of Lord Huron, but to me, they’ll always be a best kept secret.

Since their release of Lonesome Dreams in late 2012, they’ve been a 5 man wrecking crew. Touring from city to city, jumping borders, all without skipping a beat. I was ecstatic to hear about their second LP Strange Trails and their new release “The Night We Met”. Ok…that’s a lie, I was nervous, reluctant to believe their new music would live up to the callipre of “She Lit a Fire” or “The Strangers” for that matter.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the high pitched harmonies in the intro, the point at which all instruments collaborate, and the all familiar sounds of running water. Even with all the commercials, trailers and the radio killing Indie 88, in the end, Lord Huron will always be a best kept (not so) secret of mine.

Running Red Lights – Under The Wire

Running Red Lights

Not too long ago, I remember walking into the Anthropology apparel store with my girlfriend, having a thorough conversation on our way in. All of a sudden, I hear a song through their speakers that caught my ear and I literally stop in my tracks, leaving my lovely girlfriend all alone talking to herself; looking like a crazy. Now I didn’t hear the fine folks of Running Red Lights at Anthropology (whom play wonderful music might I add), but the same event happened to me once I heard their song Under The Wire.

Lead by charismatic vocalist Kevin Howley, backed up my the warm hearted voice of Scarlett Flynn,  Running Red Lights takes a few pages from bands like Stars Of Monsters and Men, crumbles them in a heaping pile of awesomeness and starts a bonfire. With all members from the outskirts of Eastern Canada before migrating to Toronto, Running Red Lights is just another example of why Canadian music is at the top of it’s game. Look out for these guys in 2014 as they release their first LP entitled “There’s a Bluebird In My Heart” on January 14th.

For Fans Of: Rah Rah, Stars, Of Monsters and Men


Yes We Mystic – Odessa Steps


Anticipation is a wonderful thing don’t you think? Anticipating the climactic ending of a film, anticipating your favourite artist play your favourite song, or anticipating your phone to ring hoping he/she is thinking of you. “The anticipation is killing me”, some would say; and while listening to “Odessa Step” by Winnipeg based band Yes We Mystic, every progression, every change of chords, ever verse/breakdown/chorus, I was mystified and I my anticipation for the final chorus was higher then ever.

Truth be told, the harmonies at the end was what got me hooked, but everything in between was just as beautiful. Check out Yes We Mystic here. Anticipating great things from this band.

For Fans Of: Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters And Men, Noah and the Whale

Ps: Thank you Victoria for the suggestion. It’s great to have you sharing music with me this time around =)


The Senators – The London Bridge


Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. A little breather that’ll take the pressure off your shoulders and ease some tension. The Senators, lead by brother duo of Jesse and Rooster Teer, give you a refreshing take of the indie/folk genre that we all know and love (think Mumford and Sons). Their album Harsher than Whiskey/Sweeter than Wine is gaining national attention, and for good reason.

It’s been a while since…well since Sigh No More where I could listen to the whole album without pressing skip. “The London Bridge” is just one of many tracks off Harsher than… that’ll let you breath a little easier.

For Fans Of: Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros


The Mowgli’s – Hi, Hey There, Hello


Everyone needs that someone that goes out of their way to anchor you in the right direction. It may take months, years, or even a lifetime to find them, but when you do, you learn never to let them go. Fortunately for me, I found that someone who tries their hardest to make me happy, even though I don’t deserve a smidgen of it.

She’s the one whose afraid of the dark but walks through it for you, learns the players of your favourite sports team, learns the bands of your favourite music, learns the movies of your favourite genre, the one who puts up with your craziness every single day.

Search hard and you’ll settle, hardly search and you’ll miss the chance, but when you let it happen, everything will fall into place.

PS. If you haven’t already guess, she’s the one who recommended me this song =)

For Fans Of: Oh Hellos, Tegan & Sarah, Of Monsters and Men


Mikhael Paskalev – I Spy


I’ve been looking everywhere for this kind of sound; one that puts joy back into music, makes you move and dance unknowingly yet still feels intimate.  I’ve been looking feverishly for a sound that mimics the artists surrounding environments.  Mikhael Paskalev, a Norwegian singer of Belgian origin, integrates his background into his music with a swinging bluegrass feel.

Here are two reason why you should watch this video:

1) The song “I Spy” is fantastic

2) The video is even better

For Fans Of: Matt Costa, Bahamas, Lord Huron


Fever Fever – Clouds Catch Fire


It’s an incredible feeling when you hear a new song and your perspective on the world begin to change.  You come to terms with it and you begin to realize that not all is bad; all you needed were a few notes and a drum beat.  The boys from Fever Fever, with their song Clouds Catch Fire, allowed me to come to that realization.

The flute and vocal harmony during the chorus is simple but very impactful. I hope I get a chance to see these guys very soon.


PS. You can find their EP on @Noisetrade (which is the same place I found Lord HuronOh Hello’s)

John Mayer – Paper Doll


There must be something in the air. First, we were treated with new music from Jack Johnson, then a father’s day tribute from Mayer Hawthorne, now with news that John Mayer is back; this summer is turning out to be something special.

John Mayer has a knack for charming his audience.  Possibly because of his soulful voice, his exceptional guitar riffs, or maybe it’s that orgasm face he has while performing a solo! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the photo above and skip to 2:38; then try and tell me you can’t imagine John Mayer making love to his guitar!

Either way, i’m looking forward to hearing the rest of Paradise Valley out August 13th.


PS – Thank you @Kristine8D & @LuciaKwan for the update!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Better Days


With classics such as “Home”, “Man on Fire” & “40 Day Dream”, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are back with another self titled album, which will be released on July 23rd.  Another summer with Edward Sharpe is music to my ears =)

“It’s the rawest, most liberated, most rambunctious stuff we’ve done” – Alex Ebert (Front man for the Zeros).  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, what do you guys think?