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Sam Roberts Band – Metal Skin

Sam Roberts Band

Remembering back to grade nine, a young, handsome and much better built me went on stage wearing all black everything, holding a single acoustic guitar. I was taking part in the after school talent show where, despite my love for metal and rap music, I wanted to share a little softer side of myself. I took a deep breath and nervously strummed the C minor chord and played my rendition of Sam Roberts Band Bridge to Nowhere.

I’ve been intrigued by Sam Roberts and his band of brothers for a long time, and with the release of their fifth studio album Lo-Fantasy, they continue their stride of being one of the best Canadian bands of our generation. I was taken aback the first time I heard “Metal Skin”, with its jungle melody in the pre-chorus mixed with some funk and rock, it’s a very ambitious record but I’ve come to love it each time I replay it. I have yet to see this band live on stage, but to see “Metal Skin” or “Bridge to Nowhere” for that matter will definitely be worth it. 

For Fans Of: The Arkells, Bedouin SoundClash, The Tragically Hip



Flyte – Over And Out


Doesn’t it feel like music now-a-day has lost it’s touch; a lot of touch? It’s like somewhere down the line we misplaced it and replaced it with what ever genre you call it. But bands like Flyte, whose nonchalant sound mixed with their funky tell-tail lyrics and upbeat guitar almost reincarnates the sounds of The Clash and The (early) Strokes

“Over and Out” may not go as far as reincarnating what we lost in the 80’s and early 90’s funk rock era, but it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

For Fans Of: The Strokes, The Clash, The Kooks


Ps. You can check out their three song EP at

Portugal, The Man – Modern Jesus / Hip Hop Kids


I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted to feature, so I said “screw this i’ll just put both”…

I have never heard of Portugal, The Man, unaware that their most recent album Evil Friends is their seventh studio album. I am usually reluctant to listen to bands or artist who already have a long history of music, though I am quite intrigued after listening to Evil Friends and its Oasis/Alt-J feel.

Portugal, The Man will be playing at the Phoenix Concert Hall on June 11th/13


Daft Punk – Fragments of Time Feat. Todd Edwards

Daft Punk is back!…need I say more.  The futuristic, robotic sampling, dub-steping French duo is back with their new album Random Access Memories (with a killer cover photo might I add).


Daft Punk’s first single “Get Lucky”, a funky retro composition with a killer guitar riff, their signature robotic voices and a little Pharrell Williams added to the mix, set the bar high for their sixth studio album.  But the song that stood out the most for me was “Fragments Of Time Feat. Todd Edwards”

A groovier approach to their louder, eccentric style of play.  This song caught me by surprise and I couldn’t be happier.


I also added @geobarnett version of “Get Lucky” for all y’all.  This is amazing, please check it out!

Bruno Mars – Treasure

While driving to work this morning, I turn on the radio hoping for something new and exciting to rid of any morning blues.  Surprisingly, I stumble upon something groovy, jazzy and funky all at the same time; perfect morning remedy no?

But who might this mysterious artist be? Maybe a new Mayer Hawthorne jam, or possibly a brand new Remy Shand track? Both ideas got me quite rattled, hence pulling out the Shazam app right away. Lo and behold, it was none other….then….*sigh*….Bruno Mars.


Now i’m not the biggest Bruno Mars fan, I find him a little irritating and mediocre at best; but there comes a time where I just have to shut up and take in a cold case of foot-in-mouth syndrome.  This track is catchy and that bass line is killer (especially during the first refrain of the chorus), unreal!

This is a great example of not judging a book by it’s cover, or in this case, a song by it’s artist.