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2nd Son x Allie – All For You

All For you

In the midst of all the snow, slush and god forsaken wind shield fluid that does more damage then good, all we need is just a little break; a glimpse of summer that seems to be an eternity away. Insert the duo of Toronto producer 2nd Son and soul queen prodigy Allie to give their rendition of what it’s like to walk in the sun again.

After releasing their EP “Strange Creatures”, which garnered a handful of local and national gigs (NXNE, CMJ, Manifesto), 2nd Son x Allie bring us another soulful collaboration that makes you move and warms your soul. The hand-clapping snares, dream like synths and punchy beats from 2nd Son, along with Allie‘s every so soulful vocals allow us to dream away the cold and walk along the sand, despite all the frost bites.

It may be a little while until we are graced with a full length LP from this dynamic duo, but until then, bundle up, grab some cocoa, press play and let your ears do the warming.


Koncept – Aspirations


I have been obsessing over this song as of late. Vinyl sampling is my kryptonite and Koncept, an aspiring rapper from Queen’s New York, delivers a gritty Brooklyn flow to an aspirational theme.

It doesn’t take much to put together a beat mixed with some lyrics in between. Although it does take talent to keep a steady flow and have a banging beat to keep the audience wanting more. Keep a look out for Koncept and his crew “Brown Bag All-Stars”

For Fans of: Oddisee, Common, Classified


Drake – Too Much


Love him or hate him, Drake continues to find ways to broaden his popularity. Whether celebrating with the Miami Heat after game 7, or releasing his third studio album, Drake is one of the hottest hip-hop stars to date. That, and he represents the city of Toronto to the fullest, so I can’t be mad at that.

For his third single off Nothing Was The Same entitled “Too Much”, Drake collaborates with artist Sampha (Formally known for his work on SBTRKT). Everything about this track is fantastic; the introduction (where you can hear “40” speaking to Sampha), to the sampling of Sampha’s voice in the beat, along with the lyrical flow of Drake. “Too Much” is a great representation of what his third album is all about; a smooth flow with a powerful hook.

For fans of: J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z

Ps. Nothing Was The Same will be released on September 24th


Eminem – Survival


New Eminem people! Thats right I said it; Eminem, back and guns blazing. His first single from his eighth studio album (name and release date yet to be announced) is entitled “Survival”, and with its heavy rock anthem feel (fitting for Call of Duty), banging drum kits and distorted guitar riffs, Eminem is holding nothing back; then again he never really does.

With chorus performed by Skylar Grey and production from DJ Khalil, “Survival” is just a small taste of what’s coming next for the one and only Slim Shady.

For Fans of: Eminem and Eminem only


Phaze Jackson – The Hardest Part


When ever I hear a Coldplay sample for a hip-hop track, I do either one of two things; I cringe in preparation for disappointment, or cleanse myself by listening to the original song (most likely both).

But for little known artist Phaze Jackson from Cleveland Ohio, his track The Hardest Part (sampling from Coldplay’s song of the same name), does a great job by simply changing the pitch and putting a strong back beat to the sample. His rapping flow and lyrical prowess shouldn’t be taken for granted either. Look out for Phaze Jackson in the near future.

For Fans of: Classified, Mac Miller, Shad


Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.39.49 AM

It’s hard not to jump on the hater train when it comes to Drake. The imagery he tries to portray is hard to relate to when it comes to hard working people like you and I; but I must say he is a talented guy and he surrounds himself with other talented people. His latest release “Hold On We’re Going Home” steers clear from the heavy iso beats of the 808 and relinquishes his R&B repertoire, which he flourished during the “HoustAtlantaVegas” & “Find Your Love” days.

For someone who has so much star power as Drake, yet reps his home town anywhere he goes, and treats Toronto with one of the biggest festivals of the year, yea ill jump back on the band wagon.

For Fans Of: J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel


PS. Drake’s third album Nothing Was The Same will release September 17th

Hundred Waters – Caverns


I love how the shuffle function on my Ipod still find ways to surprise me. With no new music to look forward too and nothing I want to re-encounter, my last case scenario (and sometimes best case) is to jump on the shuffle train. This is what I found…

Shimmering water effects, reverberated vocals and echoes, a catchy synth line and out of the blue heavy drum beat; its hard to even categorize this genre.  Can’t wait to find out more about Hundred Waters.

For fans of: The Weekend, The XX, SBTRKT


Kanye West – Bound 2

Let me save you the trouble and tell you that Kanye’s sixth studio album (excluding Watch the throne and Cruel Summer), isn’t his best work. Now i’m not saying its not worth a listen, but you have to expect the unexpected; the album is called Yeezus for crying out loud.


Wishing and waiting for the Kanye we heard back on College Dropout Late Registration, Yeezus produces almost the exact opposite. The one song that may have given a glimmer of hope was the last track “Bound 2”, which is about his affection for Kim.  He has a funny way of showing his love with those kind of lyrics =/


J.Cole – Let Nas Down


J.cole, a “born sinner, opposite of a winner”.  I have much respect for this singer/songwriter/producer. His production is superb and his lyrical style can be compared to the likes of Jay-Z and Nas.  Speaking of which, J.cole released another one off his Born Sinner album called “Let Nas Down”…

The first time I heard J.Cole was back in 2009, during Jay-z’s The Blueprint tour in Toronto. Right away I thought that if you’re talented enough to be recognized by Jay-Z, and to open for his tour, then i’m all ears! He didn’t disappoint and i’m ecstatic about his new album Born Sinner to hit stores on June 18th. (Ps. it’s already been leaked but you didn’t hear it from me)