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Slipknot Top 10 – #5 “Eyeless” & “Wait And Bleed”

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#5 was extremely hard to choose from, so I opted not to and chose both Eyeless Wait And Bleed. Both songs are prolific bangers with only one thing in mind…Destruction! Eyeless begins with a scratch track from Sid, which then whirls into a guitar screech, massive drums then Corey’s scream. But the most compelling part of Eyeless is the chorus: “You can’t see California without Marlon Brendo’s EYES”. Rumour has it that a homeless man was screaming and repeating this phrase over and over during their time in California. Significance? I have no idea; but hell, it works. Or you can just skip to the 3:28 mark to understand my love for this song…

And then comes Wait And Bleed, the counterpart of Eyeless off their Self-Titled album. This One-Two punch of Eyeless Wait And Bleed is a unbelievable combination of heart pulsing grunge metal, while Corey punctures another fascinating chorus that takes precedence over the rest of the song. Eyeless holds you up and Wait And Bleed knocks you down, both working in tandem to give you as much chaos as possible.

# 4…Coming Soon


Slipknot Top 10 – #6 “Vermillion”

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.01.30 PM This was kind of a no brainer for me. Vermillion is the kind of song that either hits you hard or not at all, and trust me, it hit many of us maggots hard; but by surprise. As soon as Vermillion was released off Vol. 3, with its creepy three key introduction, automatically we thought; “Oh crap a musical ballad by Slipknot“. Instead, we were treated to a tremendous story told through heavy guitar strums, creepy synth samples, hollow screams, and what sounds like a xylophone at the end. This was a very mature release by the knot, and possibly the most commercial.

Though commercial is not necessarily a bad thing. They set a very high bar with their first two albums, and I believe Vol. 3 was more directed to the fans…us, the maggots. Vermillion may have gotten a bad rep for its slow progression and use of melodies, but the sheer creativity and haunting of Vermillion gave me a good understanding of how far Slipknot has come. Vol. 3 was a coming of age album and Vermillion was the proof.

# 5

Slipknot Top 10 – #7 “Disasterpiece”

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This has to be one of the most brutal, malevolent, grotesque and vicious songs I’ve encountered with Slipknot. For one, the title “Disasterpiece” is fantastic, so much so that they even used the same name for their Live DVDSecond, Corey Taylor uses the lyrics “Noises, noises, people make noises, people make noises when their sick” for the chorus. Third, the epic concluding break down at the 4:48 mark…

And finally, the note at the end of the song isn’t a scream, a lyric, a drum hit or even a guitar strum. Instead, my best guess is Corey dropping/throwing his headphones at the mic during his recording session in the vocal booth. There are so many reasons why “Disasterpiece” deserves to be #7 on my list, though the main reason is the sheer emotions evoked in the song.  Emotions were running very high during the recording of Iowa. In fact, Corey has said that Slipknot will never do a album like Iowa again. Reason why? “Because it almost killed us”.

# 6

Slipknot Top 10 – #8 “Duality”

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After a little hiatus prior to their third studio album, Slipknot wanted to revitalize, reinvent and reintroduce themselves to the world; not like we needed any reminder. Vol 3. The Subliminal Verses was one hell of a comeback, but “Duality”, their first single off the album was the true catalyst to an already exploding popularity of Vol 3.

“I push my finger in to my eyes” seems to be the theme of the song, which is also known as the sing-a-long part during their live performances. Yeah, you read right…a freaking Slipknot sing-a-long section. As if there wasn’t enough hype surrounding the band’s comeback after the release of “Duality”, their music video surely pushed everything over the edge. Think Zombie Apocalypse with a little bit of Slipknot…or is it the other way around?

9 band members, 100’s of maggot fans, and one sad excuse for a house equals and insane music video. Reintroduction? Hell no! Slipknot was just waiting for the right time to kick our ass again. “I Push My Fingers In To My…EEYYYEEES” \m/\m/

# 7

Slipknot Top 10 – #9 “Vendetta”

Slipknot Vendetta

Myself, and millions of other Slipknot fans were truly disappointed with the departure of former drummer Joey Jordison, also known as #1. It’s been said that Joey decided to leave the band in order to continue his career with his second band Scar The Martry; yet other reports suggest that Slipknot collectively agreed to kick Joey out. Regardless of the rumours, fans and maggots alike were left in shock and disbelief of the news, that the heart and backbone of the band is no longer part of the Skipknot equation.

All Hope Is Gone, the knot‘s fourth studio album may have been my least favourite of the four, comparing to classics like Iowa and their self titled. But with their headbanger chant known as “Vendetta”, this song alone restored my faith in Slipknot. Beginning with a ridiculous drum solo leading off to a mantra of double bass kicks and killers snare hits, and don’t forgot that strategically placed China, Joey somehow makes a standard metal beat into a gem. “Vendetta” may be a surprise to some to crack the top ten, but I thought this was a sure stand out to a mediocre album. It is an honest and horror ridden song, which makes “Vendetta” my #9 as we say so long to #1.

# 8

Slipknot Top 10 – #10 “Spit It Out”

knot spit it out

“Spit It Out” off their debut album may not be worthy of a top 10 position on its own, therefore I am referring strictly to their live performance of this song. Each time I have attended a Slipknot show, the Knot reserve “Spit It Out” for something they call the No Bullsh*t, or what I’d like to call a glorified audience participation of                       DESTRUCTION.

If you’re not a fan of rap and metal, which I agree is an odd combination, you can skip to the 5:00 mark of the video to witness the phenomenon. Front man Corey Taylor, also known as #8, advises the audience to get down on one knee during the guitar breakdown. Just think about it! Tens of thousands of ruckus metal heads crouching down to their knees, just waiting for their chance to erupt. Corey toys with the crowd and “Not until I say Jump the F*ck Up” were they allowed to go crazy; and crazy they went…trust me, I was there.

I’ve been through and seen some crazy shows before, but to be a part of this crowd, to witness what happens during “Spit It Out”, nothing comes remotely close to being as crazy. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it…*shivers*…ok, on to the next one.

# 9

Slipknot – Top 10 Songs by NMFTW


The first time I watched Slipknot destroy a stage, I was a thirteen year old prepubescent boy, a mere teenager wanting nothing more but to witness the brutality that is Slipknot. The masks, the convulsions of anger, head banging, greasy long hair, pyrotechnics, moshpits, I wanted it all. Yet I was too young to go alone, none of my friends understood my affection for the knot, and I didn’t want to put my parents through 2 hours of hell (I was already a 24 hour nuisance). Therefore, my sister’s, now ex-boyfriend was kind enough to conjure up the courage to bring this rambunctious bundle of joy to a Slipknot show on his own…what people do for love. Now strength or intimidation wasn’t the issue here. The ex was at least 6’4, 250Ibs African Canadian basketball player, along side a 5’4, 180Ibs asian kid waiting in line for a heavy metal show; talk about out of place.

slipknot Stage

Finally walking through the doors of Ricoh Coliseum, chest pounding and excitement over whelming; I see the all so familiar “S” of the Slipknot symbol protruding from every corner of the stage. Lights Dim, screeching guitars blare and fans go freaking ballistic; which is when it hits me…Shits. About. To. Go. Down. The opening track destroys my entirety before I could even regain my balance; same goes for my trustee. Bodies are flying, spit, sweat and blood are intertwining and i’d like to point out that a boot hit me square in the face…needless to say, it was one of the best moments of my life.

Gray Chapter

In preparation for Slipknot‘s fifth studio album entitled .5: The Gray Chapter, I’ve decided to share my take on Slipknot‘s top 10 songs of all time. Again, this is just my opinion, my thoughts and my favourites; picking just 10 was near impossible. I’ll go through one by one periodically, explaining why I think it fits to the standing, I would love to know your opinion and share the experience with my fellow “Maggots”. Knot on my friends, knot on…

# 10

Korn – Mass Hysteria


Let’s be real, KO(insert backwards R)N has had a slippery slope as a band. In the earlier stages of their career (Untouchables, Follow the leader, Issues), their music was unprecedented, which lead to their platinum records and sold out shows. That may be a dream come true to many, but to Korn, it was their Kryptonite. Their lead guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, along with drummer David Silveria, left the band, and Korn was left to reinvent themselves once again.

It’s been ten years since Brian “Head” Welch left the band, ten long years of mediocre grunge electronic rock that KORN embellished in their most recent work. Thankfully Paradigm Shift has little to do with that, and a lot to do with early KORN. Heres to another ten strong years of “Mass Hysteria”.

For Fans Of: Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Metallica


Scar The Martyr – Last Night On Earth


This one is purely for my headbangers, thrashers and moshpit..ers. As much as I love my Alternative rock, Metal comes quite close to one of my favourite genres. I’ve been a Slipknot fan since their self titled debut, and when I heard that drummer Joey Jordison was embarking on a new project, I had to jump on board.

“Last Night On Earth”, fittingly the last track off Scar The Martyr‘s debut album, is a lengthy 8 minute epic array of Drop D strings, heavy eery synths and bombastic display of drums. It may not be a speedy thrasher that metal heads are used to, but don’t get it twisted, “Last Night On Earth” is mighty heavy and that drum solo at the end kicked me square in the teeth. \m/ \m/

For Fans Of: Slipknot, Trivium, Lamb Of God