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Allie – Rlctnt Hstlr


I’m not a composer, nor a beat maker, i’ve dabbled on making a few originals but nothing of relevance…but man do I wish I could make a beat like this. From Producer 2nd Son and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Allie, comes one of the most original sounds that has come out of Toronto. A combination of Reggae, Jazz, and even Amazonian, (Raggazzonian – yup that just happened, thank me later 2nd Son), Allie and 2nd Son fuse together super rich vocals, illusive guitar riffs and a boat load of reverb throughout their first EP entitled Strange Creature. 

2nd Son was kind enough to show me first hand his work and composition of “Rlctnt Hstlr”. His arrangements, ideas and constant musical train of thought is not only impeccable (boarder line obsessive) but inspiring as well. This duo of of Allie & 2nd Son is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For Fans Of: Santigold, M.I.A, Yeasaye