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Slipknot Top 10 – #9 “Vendetta”

Slipknot Vendetta

Myself, and millions of other Slipknot fans were truly disappointed with the departure of former drummer Joey Jordison, also known as #1. It’s been said that Joey decided to leave the band in order to continue his career with his second band Scar The Martry; yet other reports suggest that Slipknot collectively agreed to kick Joey out. Regardless of the rumours, fans and maggots alike were left in shock and disbelief of the news, that the heart and backbone of the band is no longer part of the Skipknot equation.

All Hope Is Gone, the knot‘s fourth studio album may have been my least favourite of the four, comparing to classics like Iowa and their self titled. But with their headbanger chant known as “Vendetta”, this song alone restored my faith in Slipknot. Beginning with a ridiculous drum solo leading off to a mantra of double bass kicks and killers snare hits, and don’t forgot that strategically placed China, Joey somehow makes a standard metal beat into a gem. “Vendetta” may be a surprise to some to crack the top ten, but I thought this was a sure stand out to a mediocre album. It is an honest and horror ridden song, which makes “Vendetta” my #9 as we say so long to #1.

# 8


Scar The Martyr – Last Night On Earth


This one is purely for my headbangers, thrashers and moshpit..ers. As much as I love my Alternative rock, Metal comes quite close to one of my favourite genres. I’ve been a Slipknot fan since their self titled debut, and when I heard that drummer Joey Jordison was embarking on a new project, I had to jump on board.

“Last Night On Earth”, fittingly the last track off Scar The Martyr‘s debut album, is a lengthy 8 minute epic array of Drop D strings, heavy eery synths and bombastic display of drums. It may not be a speedy thrasher that metal heads are used to, but don’t get it twisted, “Last Night On Earth” is mighty heavy and that drum solo at the end kicked me square in the teeth. \m/ \m/

For Fans Of: Slipknot, Trivium, Lamb Of God