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Body Language – Well Absolutely


Have you ever watched that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall injures himself via dancing in his office? Well, I don’t want to go as far as getting “Dancers Hip”, but while listening to Well Absolutely by Brooklyn based band Body Language (that’s a lot of B’s), I just want to get up and dance!

The brightness of the xylophone, the synths and the keys, matching note for note with leading lady Angelica Bess on the vocals, Well Absolutely gives me every reason to move those hips in my office chair; and you can stream the whole album here:

For fans of: Lucius, She & Him, People Get Ready


PS. Body language new album Grammar will be out September 10th

Pps. Their influence via facebook page says: “Eggs, Over easy”. =) What a winner!


Andrew Belle – Sister


I realize that first impressions are extremely important. Meeting people for the first time, your first interview, your first encounter with a friend, all of which are important. I’ve never heard of Chicago based artist/singer songwriter Andrew Belle, but his first impression on me was impactful to say the least.

From beginning to end, the ambience, the lyrics, the perfect amount of reverb on each instrument, I can just imagine what this would sound like live. So when ever your next opportunity to give a first impressions arises, make it your goal to leave a stamp.

For Fans Of: The Verve, Beach House, Bon Iver


We Are The City – Legs Give Out


Consistency is not always the best answer. Sure, maybe a 4/4 structure with some generic chords and some standard lyrics may get you playing time on the radio, but it won’t “set you apart” (wink, wink) from the rest. For Vancouver based band We Are The City, they make it their goal to be as random, as spontaneous, as impromptu as possible, in an organized fashion of course. 

“Legs Give Out” from their newly released LP Violent, is as spontaneous as it gets. That little lyrical excerpt where they sing “set me apart…set’s me apart”, is so oddly compelling, glad to hear that Canadian music is still going strong

For Fans Of: Tokyo Police Club, The Arkells, Hollerado


Eminem – Survival


New Eminem people! Thats right I said it; Eminem, back and guns blazing. His first single from his eighth studio album (name and release date yet to be announced) is entitled “Survival”, and with its heavy rock anthem feel (fitting for Call of Duty), banging drum kits and distorted guitar riffs, Eminem is holding nothing back; then again he never really does.

With chorus performed by Skylar Grey and production from DJ Khalil, “Survival” is just a small taste of what’s coming next for the one and only Slim Shady.

For Fans of: Eminem and Eminem only


Phaze Jackson – The Hardest Part


When ever I hear a Coldplay sample for a hip-hop track, I do either one of two things; I cringe in preparation for disappointment, or cleanse myself by listening to the original song (most likely both).

But for little known artist Phaze Jackson from Cleveland Ohio, his track The Hardest Part (sampling from Coldplay’s song of the same name), does a great job by simply changing the pitch and putting a strong back beat to the sample. His rapping flow and lyrical prowess shouldn’t be taken for granted either. Look out for Phaze Jackson in the near future.

For Fans of: Classified, Mac Miller, Shad


Local Natives – Heavy Feet


There is something intimate about playing in a small living room with a small audience listening to your every word. People standing on every step, crammed in every corner, leaning on each others shoulders, Local Natives make the most of a small situation. With their first singles like “Wide Eyes” and “Airplanes”, I knew these guys were good but their sound was missing something, they needed…something, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

But with their follow up album entitled HummingBird, they displayed a sense of maturity. Playing in large venues or playing in a living room doesn’t matter to them; playing what they love is what matters the most.

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, The Shins

Recommended Listens: You & I, Columbia, Bowery


PS. Local Natives will be playing on September 21st at the Kool Haus

PPS. God I wish I could grow a moustache like that!!

Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.39.49 AM

It’s hard not to jump on the hater train when it comes to Drake. The imagery he tries to portray is hard to relate to when it comes to hard working people like you and I; but I must say he is a talented guy and he surrounds himself with other talented people. His latest release “Hold On We’re Going Home” steers clear from the heavy iso beats of the 808 and relinquishes his R&B repertoire, which he flourished during the “HoustAtlantaVegas” & “Find Your Love” days.

For someone who has so much star power as Drake, yet reps his home town anywhere he goes, and treats Toronto with one of the biggest festivals of the year, yea ill jump back on the band wagon.

For Fans Of: J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel


PS. Drake’s third album Nothing Was The Same will release September 17th

Half Moon Run – Call me In The Afternoon


Everything about this song caught my attention, the catchy chorus, the combination of clean and reverb on the two microphones, that wicked guitar riff, but what impressed me the most was the drummer. Multitasking while keeping the beat and playing the keys for the bass line? As a drummer myself, I can assure you…that sh*t hard to do!

“Call me in the afternoon even byyy one…byyy one”. Damn this is catchy!

For fans of: Kings of Leon, RadioHead, Fleet Foxes

Also Recommend by Artist: Nerve, Drug You, Give Up


HAIM – Send Me Down


It was hard to choose just one song from this amazing trio of ladies that make up HAIM. So I decided to choose one that intrigued me the most.

“Send Me Down” is quite different from the rest of their music (HAIM still yet to release a full LP). With the heavy horns and trumpets carrying the song, along with percussive rim shots and claps, it was a great experience hearing this for the first time. I’m also a sucker for harmonies and over lapping melodies. There is some serious girl power going on through this song, it’s fantastic!

For Fans Of: Florence & The Machine, Boy, Dirty Projectors

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