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A Love Letter to the 2013/14 Toronto Raptors

I share the exact feelings my friend. Proud to be a part of something that was growing in front of our eyes. This team will never be forgotten by Toronto, by Canada and by the NBA!

6th Man Collective: MONDAY NIGHTS

Today, I received this shirt in the mail.

playoff tee

I ordered it after Game 1 but due to an error (that they handled AMAZINGLY. Thanks Since 95!) I only received it today. I saw the package and immediately felt a wave sadness wash over me. I thought, “Great. What do I do with this now?” But then I stuck with that feeling a bit and thought: What am I actually sad about? And let me be clear, it was sadness not anger. I wasn’t mad over bad officiating, players who supposedly under-performed, or that we were a single play away from facing the Heat in round two. There was zero anger. Why was I sad?

A wave of memories came flooding back: the Raptors improbable win in Brooklyn during the regular season, a road win in Oklahoma City, a franchise high number of wins, a second half of the season where we saw players mature exponentially…

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