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Pharrell Williams – Just A Cloud Away


So I am all in for movie soundtracks, especially soundtracks with original scores and compositions, and even more specially soundtracks staring legendary producers and artist. Pharrell Williams is one of the top producers in our generation and he’s back for another round of Dispicable Me.

Uplifting beat, colourful lyrics, and just all around feel good music; hoping this puts a smile on your face =)




Fever Fever – Clouds Catch Fire


It’s an incredible feeling when you hear a new song and your perspective on the world begin to change.  You come to terms with it and you begin to realize that not all is bad; all you needed were a few notes and a drum beat.  The boys from Fever Fever, with their song Clouds Catch Fire, allowed me to come to that realization.

The flute and vocal harmony during the chorus is simple but very impactful. I hope I get a chance to see these guys very soon.


PS. You can find their EP on @Noisetrade (which is the same place I found Lord HuronOh Hello’s)

Sound City Soundtrack – From Can to Can’t (Corey Taylor)


While going to school for music and sound engineering, I gain more and more respect for people in the industry. It takes patience, perseverance and an unbelievable sense of hearing to even just get by in the game.  After watching the SoundCity documentary, I know that the long bumpy road ahead is well worth it.

I love Corey Taylor; he can sing with the best of them and growl like a demon possessed (not to mention his neck is as big as my thigh).  One of the best frontman in Rock & Roll/Metal genre, teaming up with another legend in Dave Grohl, produces the best song off the SoundCity Soundtrack.


Ps – I added the 20min video of them in the studio, when you get the chance, please watch. You wont be disappointed

Skin & Bones – Where’s There a Country


It’s always fantastic to find new music that hasn’t been tampered with or influenced by the commercial world (not yet at least). A fresh new voice and wicked guitar riff is always welcome, which brings me to Where’s There a Country by Skin & Bones

That slide from chord to chord during the verse is incredible, great work Taylor Borsuk, ps can you send me those tabs =)


John Mayer – Paper Doll


There must be something in the air. First, we were treated with new music from Jack Johnson, then a father’s day tribute from Mayer Hawthorne, now with news that John Mayer is back; this summer is turning out to be something special.

John Mayer has a knack for charming his audience.  Possibly because of his soulful voice, his exceptional guitar riffs, or maybe it’s that orgasm face he has while performing a solo! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the photo above and skip to 2:38; then try and tell me you can’t imagine John Mayer making love to his guitar!

Either way, i’m looking forward to hearing the rest of Paradise Valley out August 13th.


PS – Thank you @Kristine8D & @LuciaKwan for the update!

Kanye West – Bound 2

Let me save you the trouble and tell you that Kanye’s sixth studio album (excluding Watch the throne and Cruel Summer), isn’t his best work. Now i’m not saying its not worth a listen, but you have to expect the unexpected; the album is called Yeezus for crying out loud.


Wishing and waiting for the Kanye we heard back on College Dropout Late Registration, Yeezus produces almost the exact opposite. The one song that may have given a glimmer of hope was the last track “Bound 2”, which is about his affection for Kim.  He has a funny way of showing his love with those kind of lyrics =/


Nylo – Fool Me Once


So I admit that my R&B knowledge is subpar, but even I know that this genre needs some sort of resurgence. Unfortunately for me I was born right after the peak era of R&B, when artist such as Aaliyah, K-CI and Jo Jo, Boyz 2 Men & TLC all took the genre to new heights.  My sister was the one who introduced me to the genre, and though I regretfully took her advise for granted, I now know why R&B played such a pivotal role. Here is me trying to pay her back…

NYLO has a long way to go before she puts a new face to R&B, but she definitely has the voice to propel her there.

Thank you @kristine8D for the suggestion.


Hans Zimmer – Arcade


I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for advertisement and with all the ads surrounding the new Man of Steel movie, my nerd gauge is through the roof! Nerdtastic, Nerdgasm, Nerding it up, call it what you want, I’m super excited for this movie to release this weekend.  So what better way to celebrate then with some New Music For The Win.

Now you might be thinking, “what does Man of Steel have to do with new music?” Well, my friends, the answer is…Hans Zimmer!

Hans Zimmer has composed countless films, such as Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, The Rock, The Lion King, Gladiator, Hannibal, Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, this man is a legend and he’s teaming up with Christopher Nolan once again to compose the score for Man of Steel.  Drums, Strings, Horns all composed in epic proportions, this movie just got that much more exciting.


Jack Johnson – I Got You


Jack Johnson is finally back to his surfer, Hawaiian, nonchalant style of music with “I Got You” off his upcoming album From Here To Now To You. Jack Johnson is one of the main reasons why I pursued my passion in music; trying to mimic his heartwarming sound through voice and instrument; living in Hawaii probably helps a great deal though…

Jack Johnson is a great musician, but an even better story teller. He sings from the heart and he encourages everyone to come on board.

From Here To Now To You hit’s stores September 17th/13


J.Cole – Let Nas Down


J.cole, a “born sinner, opposite of a winner”.  I have much respect for this singer/songwriter/producer. His production is superb and his lyrical style can be compared to the likes of Jay-Z and Nas.  Speaking of which, J.cole released another one off his Born Sinner album called “Let Nas Down”…

The first time I heard J.Cole was back in 2009, during Jay-z’s The Blueprint tour in Toronto. Right away I thought that if you’re talented enough to be recognized by Jay-Z, and to open for his tour, then i’m all ears! He didn’t disappoint and i’m ecstatic about his new album Born Sinner to hit stores on June 18th. (Ps. it’s already been leaked but you didn’t hear it from me)