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The Lumineers – Ophelia


You remember these guys right? They took the music world by storm with their non-stop touring, constant use of trailer music and their number one hit “Ho Hey“. Well this folk based band from Colorado is back and it didn’t take long for their fans to fall in love with them again.

Ophelia” is the bands first single off their upcoming album Cleopatra (set to release on April 8th). The song begins with a soft crescendo of claps and rim shots before lead singer Wesley Schultz swoops in with his monotone raspy voice and booming piano chords. The most charming part about Ophelia is its simplicity, much like Ho Hey, where The Lumineers never overwhelm their listener with massive production or over analytical lyrics. Piano fills that play along with the lyrics and the adjoining bass guitar near the end exemplifies the song’s allusive charm.

“Ophelia fills the audience ears with soul and their hearts with love, giving them more reason to be excited for their upcoming album Cleopatra. I for one am going to learn this song on the piano, expect a plethora of covers =).

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