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Indians – Oblivion


I was heading over to the Toronto Islands to take part in the NXNE festival as a stage hand, and in doing so I had to take a ferry. Now I haven’t taken a ferry in quite some time, let alone a ferry to the Toronto Island, but I must say, it was a beautiful scenario, which calls for beautiful music to match. Que “Oblivion” by Danish singer-songwriter Søren Løkke Juul, who goes by the name of Indians. Odd name I agree, but his musical proust exemplifies what I call a Romantic Horror Story.


From this years teen summer flick, full of prepubescents sobs and tissue boxes, the “Fault In Our Stars” had one of the best soundtracks of the year. With a line up that includes Ed Sheeran, Birdy, Lykke Li & Ray LaMontagne, little known Indians stuck out like a sore thumb for me. Immensely emotional, magically layered with guitar effects and vocal reverb, and a solid progression throughout; I wouldn’t change a thing.

As I boarded the ferry and tucked my earbuds in place, the serenity I felt while looking out to the water and listening to “Oblivion” was kind of surreal. It took fifteen minutes to get from one dock to the next, but within those fifteen minutes, I knew I was excited for the ferry ride back.

For Fans Of: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Daughter

PS: Aint gonna lie, Fault In Our Stars was a fantastic movie, so much so I took the book from my girlfriend and couldn’t help but quote the novel. Great Book, Great Movie, Even Better Soundtrack.


Imagine Dragon – Who We Are (Catching Fire OST)


Motion Picture Soundtracks are usually hit or miss for me. Hit being one or two songs you dislike, and miss being one or two songs you actually like; neither of which have original music. Then there are times you come across a soundtrack like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire where you have an arsenal of bands/artist(s) that are asked to write original music for the film. ColdplayOf Monsters And Men, Ellie Golding, Lorde, Santigold, The National, don’t judge me for drooling over this list of all-stars.

Every song off the soundtrack is a hit, but Imagine Dragons’ “Who We Are” was the one that best illustrated the film. Powerful, catchy, kind of creepy and a fantastic chorus gets you excited for the film, which is why it deserves the credit. Here’s to another A-List of bands for MockingJay Part 1 & 2.

For Fans OF: The Hunger Games, Awolnation, The Killers


Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last Of Us


You know those people who say they want music playing in the background during events or milestones in their lives? “Like in the movies” they would say. Well, this would be my background music…

Just think about it: Waking up in the morning: The Last Of US. Driving to work: The Last Of US. Going to class: The Last Of Us. Making love…Ok maybe not that, but you get the point. The game is incredible and it’s only fitting to have a renowned composer like Gustavo Santaolalla compose the soundtrack. If you’re a fan of the game, I definitely recommend listening to the soundtrack, you’ll gain much more appreciation for the overall gameplay.

For Fans Of: Greg Edmonson, Hans Zimmer, John Williams


Ps. I have yet to finish the game, so no spoilers!

Anna Kendrick – When I’m Gone (Cup Song)


C’mon…she’s using her hands and a single cup to produce a beat! That’s incredible! Not to mention how catchy the chorus is, and who knew that Anna Kendrick could sing so well.

I confess, I’ve never watched Pitch Perfect, nor am I very interested too, but the creativity and the rhythm of the cup drumming definitely impressed me. Now excuse me while I try to learn the routine.

For Fans of: She & Him, Tegan & Sarah, Sara Bareilles


Ps. This is a clip of her doing it live on Letterman.

Pharrell Williams – Just A Cloud Away


So I am all in for movie soundtracks, especially soundtracks with original scores and compositions, and even more specially soundtracks staring legendary producers and artist. Pharrell Williams is one of the top producers in our generation and he’s back for another round of Dispicable Me.

Uplifting beat, colourful lyrics, and just all around feel good music; hoping this puts a smile on your face =)



Sound City Soundtrack – From Can to Can’t (Corey Taylor)


While going to school for music and sound engineering, I gain more and more respect for people in the industry. It takes patience, perseverance and an unbelievable sense of hearing to even just get by in the game.  After watching the SoundCity documentary, I know that the long bumpy road ahead is well worth it.

I love Corey Taylor; he can sing with the best of them and growl like a demon possessed (not to mention his neck is as big as my thigh).  One of the best frontman in Rock & Roll/Metal genre, teaming up with another legend in Dave Grohl, produces the best song off the SoundCity Soundtrack.


Ps – I added the 20min video of them in the studio, when you get the chance, please watch. You wont be disappointed

Hans Zimmer – Arcade


I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for advertisement and with all the ads surrounding the new Man of Steel movie, my nerd gauge is through the roof! Nerdtastic, Nerdgasm, Nerding it up, call it what you want, I’m super excited for this movie to release this weekend.  So what better way to celebrate then with some New Music For The Win.

Now you might be thinking, “what does Man of Steel have to do with new music?” Well, my friends, the answer is…Hans Zimmer!

Hans Zimmer has composed countless films, such as Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, The Rock, The Lion King, Gladiator, Hannibal, Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, this man is a legend and he’s teaming up with Christopher Nolan once again to compose the score for Man of Steel.  Drums, Strings, Horns all composed in epic proportions, this movie just got that much more exciting.